so many happy things…

we got home last night from our trip to the appalacian mountains to visit my family. i had a great time! here is a short list of happy things from the last few days:

–fluffy tapioca pudding
–creamy malt-o-meal
–spending the afternoon with my dad in the shop, building a spool rack
–a rooster whose crow sounds like his batteries are running low
–feeding the sheep
–the road to my parents’ new home that is only wide enough for one car–basically a really long driveway with about 15 houses on it!
–fresh blue-green eggs
–an entertaining christmas pageant
–the traditional around-the-room gift opening–i think i like the process even more than i like the gifts! i know it would drive some people crazy, but i like to see what everyone else got and i like to see their reactions to my gifts. if it’s just a mad chaos of gift opening, that gets lost!
–feeling hidden in the middle of america because we’re so rural
–being with the people who have known me the longest and still like me.

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