Carissa's family

-Carissa’s younger sister is married and has two sons. They live in Virginia. Carissa’s parents now live in Kentucky. We usually travel to see all of them about once a year and they often come out to see us about once a year as well. When we visit, we often work on house projects together (remodeling, gardening, etc.).

-This side of the family also has a Christmas tradition of painting cute monsters on t-shirts for everyone to wear. We love to tell funny family stories and sing in four-part harmony together.

Jay's family

-Jay has a younger brother who is married with two sons and lives in North Carolina. He also has a younger sister who is married and has twin sons and just had a new baby girl (we haven’t even met her in person yet!) and they all live in Virginia. We see them about once a year.

Jay’s parents live in Maryland and we see them a few times a year, either at their home or at ours or at Jay’s grandparents’ house in Indiana. When this side of the family gets together, it’s all about chasing down active little boys and when they’re all finally in bed, it’s time for a few hours of card games or dominoes.