Our House...

We’ve lived in this same house for about ten years now. We’ve made a lot of improvements to the inside of the house, but the outside could still use a lot of work. We live across the street from a playground and the end of our road leads right into a woodsy area in the middle of town.

The kitchen is enormous and like many families, we spend a lot of time in this room. There’s a small dining room off to the side of the kitchen with big windows where we can watch birds at the birdfeeders while we eat our meals. (We even keep a bird book close by to look up the names of birds we haven’t seen before.)

The living room has a fireplace and a cushy window seat and there’s now a toy nook “hidden” behind the couch.

Upstairs, there are four bedrooms (plenty of room for a new baby!) and a full bathroom.

Downstairs is a big family entertainment room, a smaller bathroom and the laundry room.

We also own two kitties named MaryAnn and Ginger. These days they mostly hide away unless Gabriel is sleeping. When they do come out, it’s usually to snuggle or beg for food.