We met in college on choir tour. There is still some disagreement about who asked who out on our first date, but it’s easy to remember that it was a picnic in the woods near our college. After six years of dating, Jay popped the question at another picnic in the same woods on a chilly October evening. We got married in Carissa’s hometown of San Antonio on April 22, 2000.

Our favorite dates are going on bike rides together, eating at fancy restaurants and watching movies (especially animated short films!).

We have traveled together to England, Paris, Maui, New York City and other smaller destinations. We love to visit new places, but spend most of our travel time these days spending time with our families.

Our skills and interests are a good match for each other--Carissa designed the text and layout for this website and Jay did all the coding to make the site work.

We are excited to start a new chapter of our lives together as a family of four!